In love with our Aldrich boiler!

From the moment we uncrated our Aldrich boiler, we’ve been in love with it. We wanted to connect our guests to the brewing process, so we chose to showcase the boiler for all to see from the taproom; it’s like having a sexy Ferrari parked in your brewery. Most importantly, it smoothly fires up every time, operates quietly and efficiently, and is a beast at providing reliable stream service for us to brew our high quality hand crafted beers.

Team Alvarium Beer Co.

Our Aldrich DG-900 is a workhorse

Our Aldrich DG-900 is a workhorse. Its reliable, always ready to ramp up to full blast and make beer. The PLC controls are a breeze to use with the system quickly responding to on the fly adjustments. I am extremely happy with the quality of the workmanship, also. The welding and pipefitting are top notch. As far as boilers go its pretty good looking, too.

Nate "Doc" Rebeck, PH.D. - Head Brewer
Texas Leaguer Brewing Co.

Our Boilers are functioning great!

Two 105 HP Low Pressure Steam Boilers are functioning great!

Savage & Cooke Distillery, Vallejo, CA